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A comprehensive one stop production house that caters all your production needs.  Refractive Shadows offers an array of production services for various clients from different market sectors.  Local & International advertising agencies, corporate & private sector, manufacturing, governmental, banking, and education.  We focus on nurturing the client’s initial idea through all stages of development and production, from brain storming and brief discussion, to obtaining shooting permission, location scouting, and final project delivery.

What differentiates us from competition is we strongly depend on reliable resources & quality professionals we trust, regardless of gender, race, or cultural difference.  This blend of quality personnel, brings you a wide range of ideas and experiences.


Refractive Shadows provides professional commercial photography services that specializes in tabletop, food, architecture and lifestyle. Our vast experience in these fields allows us to provide the best quality of service, while helping you maximize your profitability in the most efficient amount of time required to accomplish your tasks.


From the discovery and selection of the most ideal locations, to the use of props and scene preparation, we are here to help. Providing an all-encompassing range of services that have been fine-tuned over time, through experience and theory, we are confident in our ability to meet and exceed your production needs and expectations.


As for every shoot that requires it, talent is the face and personality behind the image and message being communicated. Allow us take the burden of your shoulders by presenting to you our most talented casts that can surely fit your requirements. We carry a long list of talents of different ages and genders. You simply state your desired photographical outcome, and we will make it happen for you.


We go the extra mile with our clients, providing not only the raw image that becomes the base of their projects, but at our fully fledged studio, we also provide photo retouching services, in which we deliver ready to publish artwork of the highest caliber.

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